Details of School Packages

Course Syllabus : ABACUS and VEDIC MATHS (lntegrated)

Course Details : 10 Levels (2 Pre level extra for 1st and 2nd Class students)

Course Material :  1. Abacus Level Book
                                  2. Abacus instrument
                                  3. Examination Papers
                                  4. Levels Training Certificate
                                  5. 1 Master Abacus (for every 100 Students)

Abacus Training Programme :
We will train to your teachers at your school premises only. In turn, your teacher teach to your students, Free teacher training and Abacus kit will be provided to teachers (for every 50 students for 1 teacher)

Advantages of Abacus & Vedic Maths :

  • Logical, Analytical & Reasoning Abilitiy
  • Fast Calculations
  • Whole Brain development
  • Excellent Memory

Could you say 6584x 9659 or 204972 / 76 without using pen, paper or Calculator within seconds……….?
Yes … our Abacus Trained children can do it within few seconds.

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